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Our Engagements

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel
  • Actions in rooms

    Setting up dispensers for our hygiene products

    Elimination of individual disposable bottles
    Refilling dispensers daily


    Without plastic
    Slippers 100% biobased, no packaging

    Toilet paper

    Eco label, responsible sourcing, respect for forests

    Shakers and teas

    Wooden stirrers
    Tea bags made of vegetable fibre
    Freshness bag made of plant-based plastic
    Dematerialised room service card
    In-room sorting bin
    Biodegradable coffee capsules "terre de café"

  • Actions in restaurant

    Cardboard straws, wooden stirrers and cardboard cups (takeaway)

    We no longer offer straws or plastic stirrers or plastic stirrers in the bar and restaurant.


    Communication to make customers aware of foodwaste
    Small plates to encourage small quantities and thus avoid waste
    Elimination of individually wrapped foods (muffin, madeleines...)
    We do not use placemats or tablecloths
    The unsold food from the buffet is passed on to the cafeteria respecting the hygiene rules


    Collaboration with local producers certified organic and seasonal
    100% french meat
    Endangered species" seafood banned from the cards
    Eco-labelled cleaning products from diversey chicken feed

  • Waste managements




    Cardboard compactor

    Mairie de Paris



    Oiw (raw industrial waste)


    Recycling of frying oil

    La Poste

    Paper recycling


    Recycling neon batteries and cartridges

  • Other actions

    Go Green
    By Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

    View our actions


    Installation of microfiltered water coolers brita to eliminate plastic water bottles


    Solvent-free water-based paint
    Low energy lighting

    Vegetable garden

    Composting with kitchen scraps
    Use of vegetables and herbs


    Solvent-free cleaning, with no emission of pollutants into the air and non-toxic for the aquatic environment